About The Bendy Bookworm


Hey! I’m Danielle aka @thebendybookworm and I absolutely love love love books and yoga.  

Growing up my mom would walk us to the library where we’d load up the carriage with piles of books.  Before we’d leave, I’d always make a quick stop at the table by the door.  Reaching my hand up to feel around for the plate of cookies, I wasn’t tall enough to see.  I loved the library! (I’m sure that positive affirmation of getting a cookie every time I went didn’t hurt…)

A few years back I grabbed a part time page gig at my home library in New Jersey while I was finishing my undergrad.  I remembered the walks with my mom, the sugar cookies with bright sprinkles, and the programs where I met my first friends.  I remembered my mom reading library books before bed.  I remembered checking books out with my own library card and discovering my own favorite characters.  I decided right then that I wanted to share these memories with as many people as possible, so I became a children’s librarian.  

After getting my M.L.I.S from Rutgers University, I still felt very much like a student and embraced the push to participate in Yoga Teacher Training.  Yoga has been in the background of my active lifestyle for as far back as I can remember: the Rodney Yee VHS that I caught glimpses of my Mom practicing through childhood to the discussions with the couple that employed me to dust shelves at their health food store for my first job.  During grad school it became more and more important to me, as I sought a practice that would connect and unite my mind and physical body.  I found space for peace, healing, and growth!     

With my RYT certification, I began finding ways to bring my yoga practice to the community I serve as a librarian.  I cultivated programs that taught yoga poses and principles through stories.  I started my programs as a way to mesh my two passions.  It’s been exciting to see how well they work together to nourish the entire body: both physically and mentally.

My hope is to share these programs so that more and more people will become enthusiastic about literacy by practicing yoga!

Interested in having Yoga Librarian at your library, school, or studio?
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