The Chronicle of The Dark Star: The Shores Beyond Time by Kevin Emerson


I’ve never been into sci-fi.  In fact, science in general wasn’t really my thing.  I didn’t really care too much about aliens. I sort of thought they were tacky…. I never really thought about deep space or “The Future”.  Even today I’m still a bit iffy on where I stand with the genre: I love Ray Bradbury but I have never seen or desired to see a single Star Trek episode.  (Side note: I actually love Star Wars but I just watched ll of the movies for the first time last year.) I hated A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the book…. Never saw the movie).  So I think me and sci-fi are best described as acquaintances. But if sci-fi were trying to steal my heart, woe me into a relationship then The Chronicle of The Dark Star would be its Ryan Gosling.  
We all know that we live in a made-up linear timeline.  It makes it easy for us to go through life in one direction but time itself is a man-made construct.  This book, taking place in space, plays with our construction of time; breaking it down and apart and questioning it’s reality.  There are a group of species that exist outside of time. For a moment in this book, one member of that species lives without the ability to see his future.  He begins to understand the three dimensional existence of being in a single moment, living a linear life. It made me think of how brave we are, as humans to live without knowing.  We don’t see any future paths but move forward anyway. We move into the dark every morning, every hour. That is brave.
My dad spent the better part of this week in the hospital with a blood clot in his leg.  Each day we were waiting for doctors to visit, the medecine to do it’s thing, for the “You can be discharged now.”  We didn’t know when he could leave, how his body would heal, or even if it would heal…. But the crazy thing as humans, we’re used to not knowing.  Imagine living in all timelines, seeing all possibilities. Would it have made this week easier, if I’d already saw all of the possible outcomes? I don’t know…    
Liam is learning the ways of the time traveling species, he is able to expand out from his current timeline to see and experience others.  But it makes him crave individual moments that he hasn’t seen before. They become more special, more significant. As a yoga practitioner I see enlightenment in this.  He is getting tuned into the present moment, wanting it even with uncertainty over seeing his future timelines. He wants to be in the now.
The coolest thing this series did for me (apart from just being straight entertaining) is that I feel like the NOW is more attainable to me now.  Because as a species, we’re only ever in the now. Sure we can worry or think about the past or the future, but the simple truth is… we’re a NOW species.  Maybe we don’t have to try so hard to accomplish this enlightened NOW. But just remind ourselves that as humans we’ve already nailed this one! Okay okay I know there’s more to it but …. Maybe there isn’t…. Anyway I think we’re pretty brave.  We live everyday not knowing what is going to come next. And we still get out of bed, do shit, and live… I think that makes us all pretty courageous.
For Ages: 9 years old and up
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