What Does a Princess Really Look Like? By Mark Loewen


When Mark Loewen (Founder of Brave Like A Girl, an organization that helps girls find their courage and strength) sent me a copy of this picture book, the title piqued my curiosity and made me a little nervous.  Hopefully it was going to empower but what if it didn’t…. Okay, I guess I knew it was going to be “empowering” but I wasn’t sure what form it would take.
What Does a Princess Look Like? Is a clever re-interpretation of the way in which women perceive their external appearance.  Chloe takes outward physical features (that historically women have been judged for) and ascribes personal, internal meaning to each.  I.e. the Princess’s mouth is beautiful because she speaks, her eyes are bright because she is observant. Etc…
Chloe changes how we feel about our bodies and in doing so creates a new dialogue for young girls.  It’s bright and colorful illustrations pair wonderfully with Chloe’s spirit, which is the focus of the story that our external features simply reflect our internal greatness!!
It ends with mistake (an imperfection) that actually is the most meaningful to the completed picture.  Since Chloe is drawing her Princess the external features are impossible to ignore. And I think that’s the most important part of this story: not ignoring our physical bodies but rewriting what we feel about them.  It’s the beginning of a new Manifesto of Beauty for young girls.

For Ages: 5-8 yrs. old

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*Begin by standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), shift your weight onto your right foot, and lift your left heel toward your left buttock as you bend the knee.
Keeping your torso upright, reach back with your left hand and grasp the outside of the left foot or ankle.
*Lift your left foot, up away from the floor, and back, away from your torso. Extend the left thigh behind you and parallel to the floor.

Option to sweep your right hand around behind your back and catch hold of the inner left foot. Sweep the left hand back and grab the outside of the left foot.

*Stay in the pose until ready to come out, then release the grasp on the foot and place the left foot back on the floor. Repeat for the same length of time on the opposite side