Damsel by Elana K. Arnold


Have you ever heard of the frog in the boiling pot of water: drop a frog in a pot of boiling water and he’ll immediately hop out.  But drop a frog in cool water and gradually warm it to boil and the unsuspecting frog will cook because it acclimates to each slowly rising degree….until its death.  

I’ve experienced this a few times in my life: in work, with life situations, in relationships.  We as humans can adapt to our deaths. We as women, socially and historically, have been frogs… slowly boiling to death.  

“Holy crap!” - my hand to heart, first thought (and subsequently spoken out loud sentence)  at the end of Damsel. Exquisite. Magnificent. Raw. Our collective fury and sorrow. It’s most breathtaking element is the early stages of the summer; so common it was innocuous.  I didn’t notice the heat turning up… and that was so achingly familiar, it got under my skin. It snaps and crackles as a new folklore for women. Maybe not new, maybe a better word is remembered- lore.  A fairytale that will burn the memory of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and every other “Damsel in distress” we were taught to be, to emulate, to adore...

Damsel is the boiling pot.  However, by the end we are no longer cooked by the fire and heat but warmed through, fired up, and ready to slay this storyline once and for all!!

For Ages: 14 years old and up

For Those That Liked: The Lunar Chronicles, Grim Lovelies, Children of Blood and Bone

Yoga Pose- Komodo Dragon Pose:
*Come into Lizard Pose on the right side (right foot forward, back knee on the mat).
*Lower down to forearms, pressing the right knee into the right arm.
*Begin to work your right shoulder underneath the right thigh; moving the right hand to the outside of the right foot.
*Bend the left knee, lifting the left foot towards the base of the spine.
*Reach the right hand back to grasp the left foot.
*After balancing in this hold; begin to lift the right foot off of the ground while straightening the right leg.
*Remain for several breaths before attempting this pose on the opposite side.

Bring the right foot back to the ground, release the left foot from the hold, move the right hand back to inside the right foot.