You don’t know everything, Jilly P! By Alex Gino


Truth time: I’m revising my original review.  I read this a few weeks ago and when I first finished I was disappointed.  My opening line was, “I really wanted to like this…” Because I felt like it had been unfocused and a little unfinished.  Originally I wrote, “To be fair there are a lot of merits to this story but it felt like two different stories merged into one.”  Then it hit me out of nowhere and unavoidable: DUH that was its point!! Different stories, different voices; messing up and learning.  Alex Gino writes a brilliant novel shining a light on racism while also creating a voice and for another juvenile fiction minority: the deaf community. The multiple story lines reflect our ability (and often inability) to emphasize, learn, and better understand one another.  There’s a lot more in this novel and it isn’t a completed story; but maybe that’s also the whole point- that there’s SO much in these stories and it’s only the beginning of listening to them, telling them, and learning from them.  

For Ages: 8-12 yrs. old

For Those That Liked: The Parker Inheritance, Ghost Boys, The Miscalculations of Lightening Girl