Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech


Winslow is a sick, newborn donkey.  Nobody expects him to live through a few days.  Nobody, except Louie. Louie takes responsibility for his care. Constantly repeating “Don’t say that.” when Winslow’s chances are questioned.  As Louie become more attached to Winslow, he becomes more aware of the people around him. Creech shares this story in her uniquely wonderful, understated prose that are reminiscent of storing and sharing memories.  The story runs circles around itself in short and seemingly even a bit unrelated snippets; exactly how we store and share our own memories and experiences. In the end, each stories purpose becomes as clear as Winslow’s. (Great pick for animal lovers)!!  

For Ages: 8-12 yrs. old

For Those That Liked: The One and Only Ivan, The Tale of Despereaux, Because of Winn-Dixie

Yoga Pose- Sirsasana II  (Tripod Headstand Pose):
*Start in tabletop: placing the hands flat on the ground, shoulder distance apart.
Bend the elbows back towards the ribs (similar to chaturanga arms)
*Place the crown of the head onto the ground.
Make sure that your hands are far enough away from your face that you can create a 90
degree angle in the elbows and be able to see your fingers.  
*Curl the toes under, lift the hips, and straighten the legs into dolphin pose.  Begin to walk the toes towards the head. Press down into your hands, using the strength to keep your shoulders lifted, and any added pressure off your head and/ or neck.
*If you feel stable, draw your belly button to your spine and use your core strength to lift your right leg, bend the knee and place it lightly on your right tricep.  Bend the left knee and place on the left tricep.

Next Level:
*Lift the hips up (until they are stacked over the shoulders) as the thighs draw into the chest.
Remember to lift the shoulders and keep the triceps engaged in chaturanga.  
*Engage the core by drawing the belly button to the spine. Cross legs at the ankle! Hold for desired length of time.