Everything Else in the Universe by Tracy Holczer


Inhale.  Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten. Exhale.  I want to write all the magical emotions this book brought up.  I want to write about family, war, fragility, and resilience. But Tracy Holczer does that and does it beautifully.  So instead I’m going to say that reading this book was a serendipitous reminder that sometimes we’re stuck in our own lonely suffering but there will always be someone to bring you a big mess of polenta to share.  And through the sad stuff, no matter how alone we feel, we are connected to everything else in the Universe.

Recommended Age: 10yrs. old and up.

Yoga Pose: Revolved Chair Pose, Grasshopper Prep:
*Stand with feet together.
*Lift left foot (externally rotate the left hip open).
*Place left ankle onto right thigh (just above the knee).
Keep the left foot flexed and slightly sticking out past the right thigh.
*Find your Drishti (point of focus) and bend the right leg deeply.
*With hands in Anjali Mudra (palms together in front of your heart) slowly twist to the right from your upper ribs, reaching your left elbow/forearm to the sole of your left foot.
*Push the left elbow/ forearm into the sole of the foot as you press the palms together to deepen the turn of the chest.

Next Level:
*Work towards getting the armpit close to the sole of the foot.
*Drop the left hand down to the outside of the right foot while extending the right arm straight up into the air.