High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard


I am a sucker for a good self-help! They appeal to the type A achiever in me that likes to feel like if I work on something, I can make it better; with effort comes success.  But as much as I love Brene Brown, Jen Sincero, and Robert Holden, I was looking for something less feeling oriented and more directive oriented. Enter this incredible book!! Brendon Burchard wastes no time getting to the point.  It’s like having a private coach with only a set number of sessions to turn you into a powerhouse. Honestly, there is not a single wasted word in this book, which I find refreshingly jarring. It’s a smack in the face, if you’re interested in getting your shit together,  But also wonderfully inspiring and intuitively guided.

In the past I would work through a self help book and have a few “oh that makes sense” moments.  But I always felt like “ok so now I know this about myself, so what?” Acknowledging is better than being in the dark, sure.  Some books seemed to suggest that just knowing was the whole point. That didn’t seem to work for me anymore. Brendon opens the book with an antidote of a client who pretty much said exactly what I was feeling.  He listed his results on all of the personality tests and then said that the results of the test did not reflect his performance, did not explain for his failing, and if Brendon could not coach him to better performance (without the use of personality tests) then he would have to find someone who could.  The birth of High Performance Habits came from hours and hours of studying high performers, establishing habits that were directly linked to their success.

They are daily habits… simple (if not easy) and clear directions for reaching peak performance and staying there.  Brendon knows his stuff and what’s more he’s deliberate and generous in teaching it. I am deeply grateful for reading this novel.  It was exhausting, exhilarating, and stimulating. I finished it feeling a little bit scared but a lot of excitement!