Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman


My immediate thought at the last sentence: “I wish that went darker.” Honestly. it seemed a bit half- baked; a happy ending crime story.  Psychological thriller? Eh, it could have been… if Erin didn’t turn out to be the most accidental criminal EVER.  Entertaining? Yes. It kept my attention and I can’t take that away from the novel… But I kept waiting for it to get creepier (i.e. Gone Girl). I kept wanting the moment where you go “Holy Shit!! I can’t believe that just happened!!” The moment never came. And that was disappointing. But maybe more disappointing is having to buy into this idea that she just suddenly likes crime, feels comfortable and excited in the criminal world when there’s been no hint of this character trait ever cropping up in her back story. It felt a little fake and much too neat (unless it all unravels in a follow-up). The only thing truly worth merit was a gaslighting element I hadn’t seen coming- that was pretty cool but even that was too little, too late. A solid pick for those readers who like a bit of drama and mystery without getting too under your skin or into your head.  But not at all worthy of the psychological thriller hype.